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Searching for me.....
  • Trammell February 2012
    The last names of my family is Pankey,coles,jones and walker from in or around whitehall Virginia......Also from The Indian Reservation on Montique/Riverhead long island New York. I put in the last names my grandma gave no avail...
  • Tanjarene February 2012
    Hello, isn't this new site wonderful? I am a Coles. The first in the line that I have been able to find is Sarah Coles age 40 listed in the 1860 census in Richmond. Head of household with 2 adult sons Archer & William. She was free but I have never been able to find her before, evidence of being emancipated or born free. I havent' found her in the 1850 census... I think she may have come from Buckingham County, VA.
  • Trammell February 2012
    Hello.. Yes this is a wonderful site...My great grandmother's name is Caroline Coles on my grandmothers (mothers side) Sarah Pankey born early 1800"s (fathers side)..I can't seem to pull up anything on the last names..Pankey/Coles is our families last name from that time... We come from Farmville Virginia and NorthCarolina...How can i see a Census? Can you help me?...
  • scott94 February 2012
    can someone please give me some suggestions on how to look for my ancestors?
  • scott94 February 2012
    my great great grandparent's names are james allen brown(born in 1855) and her name is mildred gordon(janurary 24 1861)
  • Trammell February 2012
    Can someone please tell me how to look up the census from circa:1802 to 1927???
  • avw February 2012
    Jiggetts of Va. or N.C.
  • AkaFree February 2012

    Your local libraries or websites (i.e. are good places for the census. The libraries should also have someone there to assist wth the questions you may have. There are free sites like and that have transcribed census pages and some times the actual census itself.
    Hope this is help...Good Luck and Happy hunting!
  • Trammell March 2012
    Thank you I will check the libaries.
  • Cabell7 April 2012
    hello tanjarene, I am form buckingham virginia and would like to help if i could. my family home is very old and has several old slave quaters still standing. the place has meant so much to me over the years so if it helps your roots to your ancestery like its helped mine let me know what i can do
  • Loretta April 2012
    I was able to go on and find the names of my grandparents on both side. They listed the name of their children and ages. I was able to get information on my parents when they got married. I will check my local area to see if they have that organization there. I live in Texas. They are everywhere.
  • Cynt May 2012
    Hi Trammell, I'm a Coles, If you go to or call New Store Baptist Church on Francisco Road in Buckingham Va. Sarah Pankey son Weldone is the deacon there.
  • aleviyah April 2013
    hello looking for dan and sallie coles. were slaves on the coles plantation in danville, va. believe either dan is cherokee indian or one of their fathers are cherokee indian. Looking for my ggrandfather enice coles's (march 1902)roots. Help.
  • Queenie April 2013
    For State and Federal census records - You can also access ancestry through your local family history centers through the LDS (Mormon) church.
  • Queenie April 2013
    Trammell, there is a Caroline Coles listed in the 1880 Census from Farmville as well as a Sarah Pankey that were born before emancipation.
  • In addition for (click Search) I also use

    I have free accounts on both

    Irks me the idea that I should have to PAY for information on my enslaved ancestors so I mostly utilize the few free sites that didn't buy up. There used to be about 40 free sites, most now belong to

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