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Searching Higginbotham slaves
  • higginmr February 2012
    Searching for information about Higginbotham slaves, from Albermarle or Amherst County, Va.
  • DnicholasDnicholas February 2012
    I have a David Higginbotham born 1762 of Amherst, VA - Son of John Higginbotham born 1726 and Rachel Banks born 1746, They owned a slave named Archibald Cary born about 1772. John and Rachel's son Daniel Higginbotham born 1781owned Rachel "slave" Banks born 1798.
  • MorvenResearch September 2012
    The inventory and appraisal of the estate of David Higginbotham (1775-1853), in Albemarle County Will Book 22 (recorded 31 March 1853), lists 56 slaves by their first names and ages (ranging from 6 months to 80 years). The Higginbotham family appears to have had a chain of stores in backcountry Virginia, and David Higginbotham was a factor for Rives & Co./ Brown, Rives & Co. in Milton, VA in the late 1790s; in 1801 Thomas Jefferson gave David Higginbotham a letter of introduction to John Barnes (a merchant in Philadelphia) stating that Higginbotham was entering into a partnership with Mr. Watson - suggesting that David Higginbotham had been in Albemarle County since the 1790s. David Higginbotham acquired the Morven estate, located near Monticello in Albemarle County, in 1813 and lived here until his death in 1853.
  • Hi

    I didn't expect to see Higginbotham on this phenomenally wonderful site

    My dad's family ( as far as I have been able to trace so far) are all in Missouri.

    The farthest back I can go with the Higginbotham family is my paternal grandmother's paternal grandfather - H Louis Higginbotham (Sr) (b) 1823 (m) 1865 (d) May 9, 1913 - his wife was - Margarette Moody - Jones (b) 3/10/1832 (m) 1865 (d) ???

    I haven't been able to find out where HLH Sr came from, his parents, siblings nor any other children besides my great grandfather . Henry Louis Higginbotham Jr.

    Please let me know if there's any connection between these two Higginbotham families. I also noticed the Surname Moody on this site. So maybe they originally were in Virginia.

    Thank you

  • Are there any other known HIGGINBOTHAM slave owning families? Or are they all related to each other regardless of which state or territory?

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