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Braggs from Buckhorn, Mecklenburg County Virgina
  • Sanje705 March 2012
    Looking for any descendants of Allan and Nannie Todd Bragg from Buckhorn, VA. (My great grandparents) Children married into the Whittle, Valentine, Stone, Baskerville and other Family surnames. Also any descendants of Henderson Gee born about 1820 from Columbian Grove, Lunenberg Virginia. He had a number of children. Oldest Issac Gee my gg grandfather married Nannie Todd's sister Mary Frances Todd. His brother Peter Gee was a minister in Lunnenburg County. He married Jinnnie Todd. The Todds were also from Columbian Grove, Lunenburg Co. Parents were Frank and Agnes Jane Todd. The were listed in the Lunenburg co-habitation records with their four daughters. Nannie, Mary Francis, Pinkie and Jennie Todd. Also any descendants of surname Farrar from Columbian Grove. My great grandmother Sally Gee married Lee Farrar.
  • ayoung4055 March 2012
    Hello I am a desendant of a Henderson Gee, born in Virgina apprx 1849 and later found on Mississippi Cencus, as early as 1870. Wonderling if he is the son, or other relative of ur Henderson. He is often listed as a mulatto and the pic I found on is consistent with this. Members of a white Gee family were found on the same street as Henderson, in Mississippi and in some of the documents I've come across several of the Gee men ventured into Ms, as it was such a large slave holding state. A Rebuen Gee, and somewhere I have seen the name Peter Gee. It is my understanding that the Gee family were big slave owners in Virginia. I would love to communicate and to determine if our trees cross. Ayoung
  • Sanje705 March 2012
    Hi Ayoung, I don't know if your Henderson Gee could possibly be the son of my Henderson Gee because the family of course first shows up in the 1870 census in Columbian Grove, Lunenburg, Va, and your Henderson if the son would most likely not have been in the household if he was married and living some place else. The two oldest sons (Isaac and Peter) were not in the 1870 census, but they were living side by side with him. Henderson passed away in January 1888 and his death certificate shows his parents as Jack and Lucy Gee. Henderson and younger children are listed on the Lunenburg cohabitation report with his third wife Adoline. Apparently he had two other wives if he was married to them, because Family Search marriage records lists Isaac's mother as Rosetta and Peter's mother as Esther. Isaac's estimated birth was 1844 and Peter's was 1850. Henderson had 4 children by Adoline (a set of twins Benjamin and Joseph C and two girls Sarah and Lucy). I will take a look at the cohabitation records to see if any other children are listed. Also I do know that there was a slave owner named Henderson Gee according to Ancestry's slave list so I would assume a number of former slaves may have taken on the name. Yes I would love to communicate to see if there is any connection to our Henderson Gee's. What I have listed is about all I know about my 3rd great grandfather. I will also check Ancestry for your Henderson in Mississippi to explore the connection. Also my Henderson was listed as a Mulatto born about 1822. Thank you so much for responding and if you would like to communicate through email let me know and I will give you my email address.
  • LucyHill January 2013
    Hi - I'm a descendant of Allen (Alonzo) Bragg (he was my great great grandfather). My mother is Ethel Whittle, grandmother Eva Whittle, great grandmother Agnes and great great grandmother Nannie Todd. Here is a little of what we've found out below. I can trace things back to the father of Samuel and Joseph Whittle (married two sisters Agnes and Caroline) but the records for the Whittle brothers end with their father mysteriously. Allen was white and Nannie Todd was Indian. I have a really good family picture of them that I found on one on the Bragg, Todd, Farrar Gee website that's no longer up and running. If you give me your email address I can send it to you. It's really a beautiful picture of Allen and Nannie and their kids.

    Allen [Alonzo] Bragg, Feb 1848 Lunenburg Co., VA
    + Nannie B. Todd August 1859 Lunenburg County, VA
    Nannie B. Bragg July 1888 Caroline Bragg 1874
    Markus Bragg May 1886 Thomas Bragg December 1879
    *Agnes Bragg, May 1877 [all born Mecklenburg County]
    William Jackson ???

    Joseph Whittle, May 1868 Mecklenburg Co., VA
    + Agnes Bragg, May 1877 Mecklenburg County, VA
    *Eva Whittle November 1905 [all born South Hill, Mecklenburg County, VA]
    Elva Whittle Lawrence 1912-2009 Weldon Whittle 1920

    Eva Whittle November 1905
    + Unknown spouse
    + James Lacey Lawrence 2 August 1899-1970
    Milton 10 October 1922 Sadie Whittle 29 March 1924
    Robert & Ethel 29 January 1926 Hazel Lawrence 29 October 1929
    Elva Jane Whittle 1931-2008 Cornelius Lawrence 1933
    Williard Lee & Annie Mae Lawrence 1935 Josephus Lawrence 1937
    Freddie Lawrence 1939 Edith Lee Lawrence 1944(?)
    Henry Lawrence 1941 Harry Lawrence (3 wks old) 1941
  • Sanje705 June 2013
    Hi Lucy nice to here from you. Sorry I am just responding but in 2012 I was preparing for my retirement finally and I am just getting back into genealogy. It looks like we are cousins and I think that was my website that you got the picture from. I had it through Verizon and after retirement, I change my internet provider and lost the website. I do plan on creating another on though.

    Agnes Bragg Whittle brother Marcus was my grandfather and he married Jennie Ann Farrar Bragg who was the granddaughter of our 2nd grandmother, Nannie Todd's sister Mary Francis Todd. So I know that the Todds were Indian because my grandmother always talked about her grandmother Mary Frances and said she always wore one feather in her head. I did not know that our 2nd great grandfather was supposed to be white because he looks mixed in the picture not white. I am from Paterson, NJ and I did have the opportunity to meet Aunt Nannie Bragg and her brother Uncle William when they both came to visit my grandmother in their old age. I have found a lot of info on them but as you know it only goes back to 1870 in the census records. I would like to communicate with you further if possible. My email is

    Thank you so much for this information. I am interested in my grandmother's Indian ancestor, but I cannot remember what Tribe of Indians she said the Todds were from. I know they were former slaves because another cousin descending from Pinky Todd Tisdales was searching also and we met, she sent me the 1865 cohabitation list and I found Frank and Agnes Todd with the 4 daughters list on it as Freeman the former slave master's names, so I wondering how they took on the surname Todd. I know there are Todd Indians in Kentucky.

    Hope to communicate with you again.

    Carol White Cloud Rising De Groat
  • unlcora November 2015
    Henderson Gee of Lunenburg County, VA was my great-great grandfather. My mother, Clora Ann Boswell Bagley, prepared this brief genealogy many years ago.

    Clora Ann Boswell Bagley, daughter of Cora Lee Jefferson Boswell
    Cora, daughter of Sarah Gee Jefferson
    Sarah, daughter of Henderson and Adeline Gee

    Clora Ann (or Clorann) once composed a poem, A Legend of Henderson Gee. It contains these lines:
    There once lived a man named Henderson Gee
    Who was born in the land of the brave and the free
    Though born in the land of the free and the brave
    He was really not free: he was born a slave.

    The Gees are portrayed in the fictionalized novel, Christmas Week at Bigler's Mill (published 1895) as the Dees. I have been unable to find out how the novelist (Dora E.W. Spratt) obtained the information on the Gees in what was actually Bagley's Mill in Columbian Grove, Lunenburg.

  • unllindao December 5
    Hey everyone
    I’m new to this sight but I do see some interesting information. My mother is from South Hill VA.. her family names are TISDALE/BOSWELL/SAUNDERS/PHILLIPS. We also have BRAGGS/WHITTLE/MINOR in the family as well. All from South Hill.

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