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Hayes, Hays, Pettus, Pettris in Mecklenburg, VA
  • dotfree May 2012
    Looking for information about families with the variation of names listed above who lived in Mecklenburg VA.
  • pharziy February 2013
    I am a Hayes from Mecklenburg Co. I am currently researching this info too. I have no idea if we are related. Is there someone in particular you were searching for?
  • charlotte March 2013
    Vibrations, I am the great-grand daughter of Lucius Hayes and Della Pettus of Va., they relocated to Atlantic City, New Jersey, in the 1940's.....they gave birth to, 8 children, and from that are five generations numbering well over 200 plus. email me at,
  • unldavidh August 2017
    I am a Hayes searching for records on my 2nd Great Grand parents, James Hayes born in 1828 and Mary born in 1835 in Mecklenburg, VA. Please contact me if you have any information.

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