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Abernathy and Batte families, Greensville County, Virginia
  • jamie November 2011
    Looking for slaves given to heirs of Abernathy. One heir is Marianne whose spouse is Dr Thomas M. Batte
  • unljanetd October 2016
    I have a lot of info on the Abernathys. My ancestry is the daughter of Wm Abernathy from Greensville County Va. One of my slave ancestors is listed on the estate record when he died in 1844 and I have the distribution of slaves. Do you have much info on this family? A few years ago I visited the Dr Wm Batte home in Giles County Tn
  • I am trying to help a Harry A. Batte learn more about his family. He lives in Ohio but had family tied to Giles, TN. There was a Professor J. B. Batte who was president of the Middle Tennessee Teacher's Association in the early 1900s. He was the brother of a Nathan Batte who was Harry's grandfather. They did not know about the Virginia link but the 1880 census has Nathan's father, Tom is married to Bettie living in Giles, TN. His parents were from Virginia. ALSO while searching for Harry's line, I ran across a female in Pennsylvania who has ties to the Wyatt Batte who was born in 1837 in Sussex county. 1880 married to an Alta. This line is the one from Greensville. I looking at this correctly that it is primarily the same family (Magna Carta lineage ) that came to "America" landed in VA and expanded to TN, KY and OH? Stacey

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