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search for records for "Frank" slave owner William Hamilton; from Va,
  • Frank was born about 1815 ...slave owner William Hamilton in Virginia; Frank refused to use the last name Hamilton and chose the last name "Osborne"...records show married "Judy/Judie" (Judie records show was born in Georgia about 1810) ...lived in Georgia where 4 children were born in Georgia (1833 - 1848) and then Alabama...where 3 children born (1852 - 1857) and they eventually lived in Jackson Parish, Louisiana... where last 2 children born (1860-1867)
  • Hi,

    Frank Hamilton is my 5 times great grandfather. I've just begun to research him when I came across this post. This gives me more than has given me; I can only find Frank in an 1880 census. Just curious, how did you find out Frank was a slave?

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