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WINGFIELD Free men, Slaves & Owners - HANOVER County, VA
  • luckiedaniels November 2013
    I'm Luckie DANIELS of My GA Ancestors migrated to WILKES County GA in 1783 by way of HANOVER County VA.

    Although there may have been free men who remained in VA, I'm specifically seeking information re: the 23 original slaves counted in the 1782 tax list of Thomas WINGFIELD.

    The earliest WINGFIELD Ancestor I've been able to confirm is James WINGFIELD (born abt. 1836), my 4th Grandfather owned by James Nelson WINGFIELD (Thomas' Grandson).

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have no clue if there's a connection but
    My great great grandfather's name was Mat Winfrey born 1844 appx
    I sent information that said his parents were Hamlin Winfield (I can't find any actual documentation to confirm) and Dolly Ward.

    Search attempts always show Winfrey / Winfield / Wingfield

    I also know that records frequently have misspellings of names

    I have no idea where either Hamlin or Dolly were from and no record of there existence otherwise

    I would guess that Hamlin was born between 1794 and 1825 (ages 19 - 50) and Dolly probably between 1804 -1826 (ages 18 - 40) at the time Mat was born

    Let me know if this means anything to you, perhaps a connection.
    I'm try to learn about Mat's parents, grandparents, aunts uncles, siblings and any other children besides Mat

    Thank you

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