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lassiter family
  • pauline May 2014
    family, Lassiter I am looking for my grandmother's parents. Ora lassiter from North Carolina died in Norfolk,Va. Alston and Sena Lassiter are her parents according to a census report. Mary is the name of her sister. she is often referred to as a gypsy because sh moved around a lot. Help !
  • tdedicatoria September 2014
    We have a few Lassiters on the Eastern Shore of Virginia (Northampton and Accomack County) I think one works for USDA. Good Luck :)
  • My maternal grandmother was a Lassiter
    Her parents (My great grandparents) and (supposedly their parents) were from Granville, NC.
    David Lassiter born appx 1830 & Comfort Skinner born appx 1847 (she also went by three other names - two pre-Civil War and two post Civil war)

    There is a connection with Robert W Lassiter and his wife Catherine.
    I'm not sure if it was biological

    Based on Research. It is highly likely that RW Lassiter "owned" David and his wife had been "gifted" Comfort upon the marriage of Robert & Catherine.
    I have found documents that show that RW was a Lawyer and became on Officer in the Union Army. In later documents he is listed as both white and as Black , depending on what you are looking at. But even if on paper Robert was a slave owner, all other evidence shows a more familial relationship .

    I also know that both Catherine & Robert's parents owned slaves elsewhere.

    Let me know, if you think there may be a connection between your Lassiter family and mine.

    I'm still trying to find out who their (David & Comfort) parents were

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