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Slaves of William Macon Waller of Amherst
  • unlsuzanne June 2017
    I'm transcribing and researching the letters William Macon Waller, of Amherst, wrote while taking about 20 of his slaves from Amherst to Natchez, Miss., where he sold them. He also sold several individuals in Raymond/Hinds County, Miss. I'm writing a book, telling the story of the journey and (hopefully) about what ultimately happened to the enslaved people. The names that I know, from the letters, are "Sarah and Child," Henry, Lucy, Louisa, Sarah Ann, Ellin/Ellen, India, Foster, Pleasant, Tups/Anderson, "Old Charity," Biddy, Susan, McDonald, Emily, "Nelson and Wife," "Piney Woods" Dick, and Runaway "Boots." There also was something that happened in Amherst regarding the family of India, a child of maybe 5-12 years old, that everyone feels bad about. It appears India was taken west without her family. If this rings a bell with anyone, please comment. Thanks!

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