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Peytons of NC and KY
  • unlkristeny August 2017
    I'm interested in any details on the Peyton family that lived in Bath Co., NC in the 1600-1700s, later removing to Pennsylvania for a period before heading out to Bourbon and Nicholas Cos., KY, after the Revolution. This family included Benjamin Peyton, colonial official and legislator, and William Peyton, both grandsons of Robert Peyton who settled in Virginia prior to 1680. The family held plantations along the Pamlico River and perhaps also in other places nearby.
  • unlanns September 2017
    Dear Kristeny,

    I am a 6th g grand daughter of Benjamin Peyton.

    I would love to discuss our possible connection.


    Ann Saylor
  • unlkristeny October 2017
    Hi Ann, please get in touch with me at


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