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Slaves of Goolsbys, Moodys, Childresses, Pyes and others in VA and Oglethorpe, GA
  • unlmoodyn August 2017
    I know that all the names above were connected by marriage and that the slaves of the Virginia branches are very likely ancestors of the Georgia branches. I can post the wills I have and other information so that those of us who are descendants can make connections via records and perhaps, DNA. My ggrandfather is Dick Goolsby 1870 census, Richard Moody in 1880.

  • I didn't expect to see Moody on this phenomenally wonderful site

    My dad's family ( as far as I have been able to trace so far) are all in Missouri.

    My great great grandmother was Margarette Moody - Jones (b) 3/10/1832 (m) 1865 (d) ???

    The farthest back I can go with the Moody family is my paternal grandmother's paternal grandmother Margaret and her husband- H Louis Higginbotham (Sr) (b) 1823 (m) 1865 (d) May 9, 1913 I haven't been able to find out where HLH Sr or MMoody-J-H-came from, her parents, siblings nor any other children besides my great grandfather . Henry Louis Higginbotham Jr.

    Please let me know if there's any connection between these two Moody families. I also noticed the Surname Higginbotham on this site. So maybe they originally were in Virginia.

    Thank you

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