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Duke Maulberry, runaway, Joseph Thornhill, Rappahannock County
  • unlkilby August 15
    Research in the F.T. Baptist Church (Rappahannock County), 1855-1878, Minute Book identifies "Joseph Thornhills, Duke" as excluded on 12 Oct 1862 and restored on 11 Jun 1870 (p. 10). On page 34, the church minutes for 12 October 1862 record that Joseph Thornhill's Duke as having "absconded from their respective homes." On page 49 the minutes record the following: "Duke Maulberry (coloured) who was excluded in October 1862 for leaving his home . . . was restored June 11, 1870."

    A woman named Fanny Malberry, owned by a "Mrs. Turner," was baptized in this church in 1853, according to the 1805-1855 Minute Book. "Joseph Thornhills Duke" was baptized 10 Oct 1846.

    The original church minute book, second of three volumes, is available for research at the library of the Virginia Baptist Historical Society in Richmond. Volume one, 1805-1855, is available as a copy at the Library of Virginia.

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