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Prince Edward County, VA
  • akire25 September 2011
    Hello! I have been searching for my ancestors and working on my family history. and have been very helpful. However, I would like to find out how my ancestors relate to my possible slave ancestors. My family comes from Prince Edward County, VA. Last names include Ligon (or Legin, Liggon), Pryor and Prophet (or Profitt, Proffitt). Any assistance and/or discussion would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Erika Thirkill
  • zonebylaw September 2011
    If I can add to this, I found nothing on the last name Vaughan for Prince Edward County, Va or Farmville this is very strange since most of the black and white people in that area last names are Vaughan. If you go across the street from the historic school the cemetery is full of Vaughan s. If anyone can help with information thank you. Kenneth Vaughan
  • phyll4 September 2011
    Hi I grew up (Ward) in Farmville on Main and Ely Street and the Vaughans lived on both street too. Herman Vaughan had a cab buisness , Mada Vaughan Mcknight (sister) owned a Service Station/restaurant on Main Street. Blacks owned service business back in the day. The Vaughan were a prominent family in Farmvile. Do not know anything about their parents. You can get a lot of information at the Old Fellows Cemetery if you visit Farmville. Phyllistine Ward Mosley
  • phyll4 September 2011
    My family the Wards were slaves in Nottoway County and Amelia and I am researching how they were given the last name of Ward. I have traced my ggggrand father Booker Ward (1820), gggrand father Beverly Ward (1840)and ggrand father Phillip Alexander Ward (born 1860) in Amelia county and grew up on the Francis Farmer orCharles Farmer planation in Amelia County. I think my other grand fathers lived in Nottoway but would like to find out the plantation they grew up and worked.
  • MerytSitMaat September 2011
    I don't know much, but I'll tell what I do know. One of the Vaughans (Betsy Ann) married Stephen Lockett, and they headed South to Texas with their slaves. They ended up in Washington County, Texas. I don't know if she brought slaves to the marriage though. Also, there is a book called Thomas Lockett of Virginia, by Katherine Dixon Carter Blankenburg, which contains some genealogy and wills from the Lockett family. The Locketts married into several of the the families in the area.
  • gpeakswade December 2011
    I visited the Odds Fellows Cemetery, located in Prince Edward County, Virginia on December 3, 2011. It is located across from the Robert Russa Moton Museum. I walked the entire cemetery, and I did not see any Vaughan graves. The cemetery is rather small. It was well maintained, no trash, grass mowed very nicely.
  • gpeakswade December 2011
    In the Farmville/Tri-County Areawide Telephone Directory, there are over twenty families with the last name of Vaughan. But, none by that last name are buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery. In my earlier post, I stated Odds Fellows Cemetery, but its Odd Fellows Cemetery.
  • Martha February 2012
    I have been doing reseach on my ancestors who lived in Prince Edward County Va. I just published a book documenting them. They were owned by slaveowners with the last names of Cary. My ancestors shared the surnames of Cary, Spencer, and Matthews. There were also Pryors in the family. Anyone with those family names should feel free to contact me.
  • gpeakswade February 2012
    How do I obtain a copy of your book?
  • Martha March 2012
    Hi gpeakswade: Sorry I am just getting back to this site. The book is available from, barnes and and from the publisher, The name of the book is "From These Roots." You will know you have the right book if it has a rose on the front cover. I don't know how much info I can post on here but when you find the book, you can also check out my facebook page where you can send me an e-mail.
  • gpeakswade April 2012
    Martha, thank you so very much. Looking forward to reading your book.
  • Martha April 2012
    Hope you had luck finding the Peaks. If you have not gotten the book yet send me an e-mail at and we can also talk about your search. Be sure and check out the 1940 Census records at West Virginia, ED-10-33 and you will find a whole list of Peaks and Stauntons living at Ingram Branch. They moved there from Virginia in the early 30's. It is a free search on the Archives website.
  • bcreative222bcreative222 October 2013
    I have ancestors who were slave owners in the Prince Edward Co. area. I may have some of this confused, as I am just getting into it. My father did most of the work years ago on researching our geneology. The names of the families I think were in this area, were: Watkins, Cocke, Morton, Dupuy and Minor. If anyone has any connections to those names, we can share information.
  • nirie1 January 2014
    Hi Erica, we may be related. There are quire a few Ligon's Legon's in my family trr some still live in Farmville. Our family tree site is on tribal washington-matthews check it out.
  • igbo_rootz June 2014
    My family descends from the Prince Edward area. I would love to speak further with anyone who has information about this.
  • My ancestors lived in FarmVille, VA here is my family tree link from ancestry please contact me if we're related. :)
  • tdedicatoria September 2014
    My ancestors are from Farmville, Va. Grandmother Eunice Brown Anderson (born 1914) daughter of Lucy Jones Brown (born 1872) and John W (JW) Brown (born 1875) married in 1895. Lucy's parents were Caroline and Nelson Jones (both born around 1840). They were married in 1865 and farmed in the Leigh District. My grandmother had many siblings the oldest was Pearl, then Dorothy the twins Howard and Harvey, Russell, Rubie Brown Borroughs, Elsie Brown Osborne, Lorrraine and Wiley. Rubie had 3 children Sweetie Pie don't know her real name, Frank and John. My grandmother Eunice had Bernice and Barbara (my mother). They were born in New York in the 1930's. My Grandfather was Willie F Anderson (born 1904), he had 2 siblings Josephine (born 1911) and Tom H (born 1910). His parents were Tom (born 1868) and Sallie (born 1884) Anderson. His grandmother was Polly Anderson (born 1834) she had 1 other child John Page (1867) and a granddaughter Sue Green (born 1870). My grandfather was butcher and bull rider. I am African American and have done DNA indicating African, Portuguese and Native American decent on my mothers line. Any family info. would be much appreciated.
  • akire25 June 2015
    Hi Nirie1. I realized it's been over a year since I've been here. I will certainly check out your tree on Ancestry. I've been getting more into it over the last few months. I'm anxious to find all my connections!
  • unlmyla August 2015
    I am researching Veland,Tillman,German from Virginia my great-grandfather said he was from Virgina,once apon a time..I believe all these familites were of mixed race.My gg was half white..thanks for your time and help.I am Myla
  • unl123 October 2015
    SLAVE NAMES (5) SOLD BY JOSIAH M. RICE, PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY. Hope this may be helpful to someone. I have come across a dispute file in the LVA Chancery Index ( which mentions five names of slaves sold by Josiah M. Rice in settlement of a debt. On February 13, 1838 he conveyed to Branch Judge Worsham a tract of land near the Prince Edward Court House of “thirty and three eighths acre, also a negro named John” (see P.152) to secure a debt due by bond to John P. Mittauer of $1060. Also “a negro woman Abby… sold according to Law 17 June 1839 for 88 Dollars”(P.161). And on P.158, one “negro man Chelsi and two women Polly and Dolly” sold 17 June 1839, “Chelsi for $605, Polly for $400 to Charles C. Hudson and Dolly to John Dupuy for $57”.
  • I'm helping a DNA match African American who we think is related to the Vaughan/Vaughn line. Can any one come up with a list of Slaves or share croppers that was on William Lockett Vaughan 1848 - 1912 Or his father Samuel or Possible his uncle Matthew. We believe our dark cousin is connected somewhere within the Prince Edward county area. Please help is you can.

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