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First Name: Frances
Gender: Female
Owner's Name: Blair Bolling
John Bolling
Reference Number: UNL00010168


Name listed on page 1 under "Richmond Monday 1" Octr. 1855"
Valued at $150.

Record Type:

Account book

Record Call No.

Mss5:3 B6385:1

Record Title

Account book, 1855-1891, of John Bolling, kept as a tobacco merchant in Asheville and Raleigh, N.C., and Richmond, Va., and as a planter at "River Side," Cumberland County, Va.

Document Notes:

Includes agricultural operations and African-American slaves.

Image 1/Page 1 - "Richmond Monday 1" Octr. 1855"
"Slave a/c. For valuation of the following negroes at time I rec'd them from my father's estate Nov 23, 1854"

Image 2/Page 9 - "Cumberland Co. Va. Thursday 23 July 1857"
Concerning the estate of Paulina Storrs Bolling.

Image 3/Page 15 - "Cumberland 18" June 1858. (friday)"
Concerning accounts with P. Dickinson Hill & Co., and Solomon Davis.


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