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First Name: Margaret
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 03/26/1806
Death Date: 09/06/1818
Family Relationships: Nancy, Mother
Isaac, Brother
Mary, Sister
Sukey Hall, Sister
Henry, Brother
Jack, Brother
Austin, Brother
Washington, Brother
Nancy, Sister
Shields, Brother
Herod, Brother
Lavinia, Sister
Unknown, Other
Eliza, Niece
Eziah, Nephew
Henry, Nephew
Ellen, Niece
Unknown, Other
Unknown, Other
Owner's Name: William Bolling
Reference Number: UNL00010785


Name listed on page 28.

Record Date:

c. 1752

Record Type:


Record Call No.

Mss5:5 B6387:1

Record Title

Slave register, 1752-1890 (bulk 1752-1867), of William Bolling, of Goochland County, Va.

Document Notes:

Concerns births and deaths of slaves at "Bolling Hall" and "Bolling Island," Goochland County, Va. Includes names, dates of births and deaths, family relationships, purchases and names of sellers and prices. Occasionally the cause of death is recorded. There are a few widely scattered entries for the post-war period, including one noting the death in 1890 of a woman born into slavery in 1797.






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