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First Name: George
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 02/05/1849
Family Relationships: Liza, Niece
Bill Mastin, Father
Lizzy, Mother
Mary Ann, Sister
William Henry, Brother
Lemuel, Brother
James Green, Brother
Ella, Sister
Julia, Sister
James Lewis, Brother
Leroy, Brother
Harriet, Sister
Owner's Name: Henry Alexander
* Alexander family
Reference Number: UNL00012202


Name found on Images 2 and 9.
Noted "Went with Yankees 24th [ ] 62"

Record Date:

c. 1773

Record Type:

Bible record

Record Call No.

Mss6:4 AL274:1

Record Title

Bible records, 1773-1871, of the Alexander family.

Document Notes:

And, includes the Berine, Burwell, Byrnside, Caperton, Carthrea, Chapman, Dunlop, Kienan, and Pinkerton, Sahaklin families.


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