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First Name: Liza
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 03/20/1858
Family Relationships: Bill Mastin, Grandfather
Lizzy, Grandmother
William Henry, Uncle
Lemuel, Uncle
James Green, Uncle
Ella, Aunt
George, Uncle
Harriet, Aunt
Julia, Aunt
James Lewis, Uncle
Leroy, Uncle
Mary Ann, Mother
Owner's Name: Henry Alexander
* Alexander family
Reference Number: UNL00012216


Name found on Image 6.
Noted "Dead"

Record Date:

c. 1773

Record Type:

Bible record

Record Call No.

Mss6:4 AL274:1

Record Title

Bible records, 1773-1871, of the Alexander family.

Document Notes:

And, includes the Berine, Burwell, Byrnside, Caperton, Carthrea, Chapman, Dunlop, Kienan, and Pinkerton, Sahaklin families.


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