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First Name: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Birth Date: 04/15/1858
Family Relationships: Judy, Mother
Jane, Sister
Henrietta, Sister
Ann, Sister
Thomas, Brother
Rufus, Brother
Beverly, Sister
Charles, Brother
Adam, Brother
Martha, Sister
Dinah, Sister
Rose, Sister
Kitty, Sister
Robert, Brother
Caroline, Other
Arthur, Other
Fanny, Other
Amanda, Other
Thomas, Other
Owner's Name: * Caperton family
Reference Number: UNL00012385


Name can be found on image #4, still born.

Record Date:

c. 1781

Record Type:

Bible record

Record Call No.

Mss6:4 C1716:2

Record Title

Bible records, 1781-1877, of the Caperton family.

Document Notes:

Concern the family of Hugh Caperton (1781-1847), as well as the Alexander, Beirne, Echols, Erskine, Mosher, Preston, and Steenbergen families.


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