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First Name: Robert
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 06/1847
Death Date: 12/1848
Family Relationships: Elisa, Mother
Lizzie, Sister
James William, Brother
Henry, Brother
Sarah, Sister
Richard, Brother
Johnson, Brother
Owner's Name: Hugh Caperton
* Caperton family
Reference Number: UNL00012391


Name found on image #5.

Record Date:

c. 1781

Record Type:

Bible record

Record Call No.

Mss6:4 C1716:2

Record Title

Bible records, 1781-1877, of the Caperton family.

Document Notes:

Concern the family of Hugh Caperton (1781-1847), as well as the Alexander, Beirne, Echols, Erskine, Mosher, Preston, and Steenbergen families.


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