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First Name: Robert
Last Name: Simmons
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 10/20/1793
Death Date: 11/25/1858
Family Relationships: Penny, Wife
Abel, Son
David, Son
Penelope, Daughter
Judith, Daughter
Elijah, Son
Robert, Son
Benjamin, Son
William, Son
Samuel Kenneth, Grandson
Mary Elizabeth, Granddaughter
Martha Elizabeth, Granddaughter
William Henry, Grandson
Alsis, Granddaughter
William Robert, Grandson
Alexander, Grandson
Burwell, Grandson
Jurrsay, Granddaughter
Robert, Grandson
Isaiah, Grandson
Owner's Name: Enoch D. Ferebee
Reference Number: UNL00012545


Name listed on Images 1, 3, 4 and 5.
Image 4 notes death year at 1856.

Record Type:

Bible record

Record Call No.

Mss6:4 F3773:1

Record Title

Bible records, 1797-1951, of the Ferebee family.

Document Notes:

Also, concern the Dodson, Grandy, Hasler, Jones, Lamb, McPherson, and Old families.


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