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First Name: Susan
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 06/24/1795
Family Relationships: Winney, Sister
William, Brother
Bob, Father
Diner, Mother
Fanny, Sister
Anne, Sister
Unknown, Brother
Janey, Sister
Owner's Name: Joshua Early
* Early family
Reference Number: UNL00012815


Name listed on Image 4.

Record Date:

c. 1738

Record Type:

Bible record

Record Call No.

Mss6:4 Ea768:1

Record Title

Bible records, 1738-1844, of the Early family.

Document Notes:

Concern the family of Joshua Early (1738-1812), as well as the Andrews, Gatewood, Jones, Leftwich, Moorman, Rives, Rucker, Scruggs, Strange, Walker, and Ward families.


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