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First Name: Bob
Gender: Male
Owner's Name: John Ingles
Reference Number: UNL00004410


"..he went off without any cause or provocation I have reason to believe it is his intention to try to get to the state of Ohio."

"I will give a reward of twenty dollars to any person who will apprehend and secure in jail so that I get him again my Negro man Bob who ran away from me on the 24th of last month".

"Bob is black, about ordinary heighth and stoutly made, his mouth slightly twisted to one side which gives his face the appearance of being swolen on one side."

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Mss2 W119 c 2

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Letter, 1846, of John Ingles, of Montgomery County, Va., to Dr. John Peter Hale, of Charleston, Kanawha County, Va. [now W. Va.], concerning Bob, an African-American slave.

Document Notes:

John Ingles offered a $20 reward for Bob's return. In the letter, Ingles suggests that Bob might have been headed to Ohio, a non-slave state. Ingles placed a reward ad in the "Kanawha Republican" for four weeks.






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