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First Name: John
Last Name: Hylton
Gender: Male
Death Date: 1773
Reference Number: UNL00004693
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Mss4 C4265 a 1

Record Title

Commission, 1764, issued by Francis Fauquier (as lieutenant-governor of the colony of Virginia) to appoint justices of the peace of Chesterfield County, Va. to try an African-American slave, Chessire, for theft.

Document Notes:

The commission was issued to John Archer (d. 1773?), John Archer (d. 1794?), Archibald Cary, Richard Eppes, Edward Friend, Peter Johnson, Robert Kennon, John Markham, Christopher Martin, Edward Osborne, Richard Royall, Abraham Sallee [i.e., Salle], William Walthall, Seth Ward, and Thomas Worsham to try Chessire (an African-American slave belonging to John Hylton of Chesterfield County, Va.) for theft.