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First Name: Aggai
Gender: Female
Family Relationships: Lewis Turner , Husband
Owner's Name: Henry Chappell
Lewis Turner
Reference Number: UNL00004767


Turner purchased Aggai from Henry Chappell.

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Mss2 T8552 b 1

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Will, 1818, of Lewis Turner (probated in Sussex County, Va.), a free African-American, concerning the emancipation of two African-American slaves, Aggai and James Wright.

Document Notes:

Concerns the emancipation of two African-American slaves, Aggai, Turner's "wife" and James Wright.

Lewis Turner, a free African American farmer of Sussex County, made provisions in his will for his wife, Aggai, to be emancipated at his death if the state legislature would allow her to remain in the state, otherwise she would pass to his nephew Wylie Turner, also a free African American, with her legacy in a trust. Turner also made provisions for his brother, Scisms Turner, his sister, Sally James, his seven children, and grandson. Turner made arrangements for sale of land to Harrison Jenkins, a free African American, and provided land for James Wright, an African American to be freed at age twenty-one.






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