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First Name: Linney
Gender: Female
Family Relationships: Virginia, Sister
Edmond, Brother
Owner's Name: Archibald Govan
Lucy Ann Govan
Reference Number: UNL00005161


"...poor Linney is inconsolable...". Page 1.
"...nursed me in my infancy...she was the porperty of my brother". Page 2.
"Linney prefers that you will let her brother know of this unfortunate affair". Page 3.

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Mss2 W1567 b 4

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Letter, 1843, of Lucy Ann Govan (of "Selwind", Hanover County, Va.) to William Macon Waller (of "Forest Hill", Amherst County, Va.) concerning Virginia, an African-American slave on trial for arson.

Document Notes:

The letter, addressed to Govan's father, centers on Virginia and her trial before the Hustings Court of Richmond, Va., in February and March 1843 for setting fire to and burning a dwelling occupied by William B. Rushmer and belonging to Thomas Cowles and Sterling I. Crump. Virginia belonged to Archibald and Lucy Ann Govan of Hanover County, Va. The Govans were also owners of Virginia's parents, sisters and brother, given to Lucy Govan upon her marriage.

After Virginia was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging she was given a conditional pardon by the govenor of Virginia, James MacDowell. The condition was that Virginia be sold out of state to a suitable owner.








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