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First Name: Nelley
Gender: Female
Owner's Name: Jesse Nalle
Reference Number: UNL00009569


Hired by William Staige Marye and Henry Rose for $100.

Bond lists clothing they will provide for Nelley - "...furnish the following clothing to and for the said negro Viz; with two summer suits to consist of two shifts or shirts, two petty-coats - and a winter suit (not to be used until the said negro are ready for delivery) to consist of one shirt or shift one pair of cuntrey knitt wooling stockings, one pair of double soaled shoes, the out-side clothing to be of fulled liney cloth; all the above named clothing to be strong and well made fit for the use of a laboring slave."

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Mss1 N1495 a 29

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Bond, 1819, of William Staige Marye and Henry Rose, of Shenandoah County, Va., to Jesse Nalle, of Culpeper and Orange counties, Va., for the hire of an African-American slave, Nelley, and items of clothing that they will provide her.






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