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First Name: James
Last Name: Ross
Gender: Male
Death Date: 1825
Reference Number: UNL00009633
Slaves owned by this person:

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Court records

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Mss2 C4621b 3

Record Title

Court records, 1825, of William Woodford, David Woodford, Corbin Lane [an infant], and Daphney West, freed slaves formerly belonging to Maj. James Ross, against Ross's administrator, John Chinn, calling for the division of the Cedar Park property.

Document Notes:

Hudson Muse sold the land that became Cedar Farm in two parcels, one of which was acquired by Maj. James Ross and the other by Thomas Jesse. Ross later purchased the Jesse parcel of land and built a house ca. 1810. Ross also added to the farm by purchasing some adjoining land owned by Francis Lightfoot Lee. Following Ross's death, several of his emancipated slaves sued his administrator to obtain the land Ross had left for them.






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